Two reasons why clothes shop owners should stock up on men's cashmere jumpers

If you own a clothes shop, you should consider stocking and selling men's cashmere jumpers. Here are two reasons why you may want to do this. 

These type of jumpers are a very popular gift item for people's male friends and relatives

Many people find it harder to choose gifts for their male friends and family than their female ones, as there are not quite as many gift options that are made specifically for men as there are for women. Because of this, people who need gifts for men will often opt for clothes.

Cashmere jumpers are very popular with these people, as they know that a jumper is something that almost any man will happily wear and that buying one made from cashmere will make this simple garment feel like a very special and luxurious gift. Furthermore, unlike trousers and fitted shirts, which must be purchased in precisely the right size in order to fit the male recipient properly, cashmere jumpers, which are typically worn a bit loose and usually have a bit of stretch, can be bought by someone even if they don't know the recipient's exact measurements. As such, they are a safe bet for anyone who needs a gift for their male friends or relatives.

It may result in your male customers requesting that you stock other high-quality garments

If you start stocking these jumpers and your male customers begin buying them for themselves, you may find that some of these men begin requesting other, similarly higher-end male clothing that you have not previously stocked (such as cashmere socks, silk ties or wool blazers). If you previously only sold average-quality menswear, then the men who have shopped at your store and other ones like it may have only ever experienced wearing these type of clothes.

If they happen upon a beautiful cashmere jumper whilst on your premises and decide to splurge, this could open up a whole new world for them. Once they experience how wonderful it is to wear a super soft and breathable jumper, rather than one made from a cheaper, scratchier material, they may decide to start to enquire about other high-end items. If you start selling these, you may find that your profits slowly go up and that your shop becomes more popular with men who like high-quality clothing and can afford to spend, for example, a few hundred pounds each time they go clothes shopping.

Keep these considerations in mind when considering men's cashmere sweaters or jumpers.