What "Stop the Drop" Means for Your Workplace

Working at heights is always going to come with some level of risk. Over time safety measures have been implemented to reduce these risks, such as harnesses, helmets, and temporary infrastructure. However, one area that is still behind when it comes to working safely at heights is the security of tools used by the professionals whose job puts them tens or even hundreds of feet in the air. That is why the " [Read More]

3 Questions to Ask Headhunters Before Choose One for a Senior Hire

If you're about to lose a senior member of your staff and don't have a natural internal replacement, then you might hire in external recruitment expertise. This is a sensitive time for your company; you don't want to advertise that you've lost such an important leader without a suitable replacement. A better way to handle this situation is by hiring a confidential headhunting company rather than a generalist recruiter. Headhunters can work behind the scenes to source senior employees without advertising your vacancy. [Read More]