What Are The Different Data Protection Officer Training Courses?

The ever-increasing need for privacy and data protection by organisations has continually increased the demand for data protection officers. Therefore, data protection is one of the most lucrative careers worth considering. However, like any other career, proper training is critical to a successful career in data protection.

Data protection is vast, covering a wide range of fields. Therefore, if you are interested in a career in data protection, it would help to clearly understand what you need to train in to ensure you pursue something aligned with your goals. With that in mind, here are some of the various data protection officer training courses worth knowing.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Foundation Certification Course

As the name implies, this is a foundational or introductory course to data protection regulations. This course will teach you the basics of existing data protection regulations and how they apply to different organisational settings. For instance, you will learn the data protection legal requirements and implications for any organisation. In addition, you will learn about data protection and privacy breaches, fines or penalties, enforcement, etc. Privacy legislation history, related frameworks, critical roles in the organisation regarding data protection and privacy issues, and businesses or organisations most vulnerable to privacy issues and data breaches are other aspects you may learn in this course.

Information Privacy Professional Certification Course

This course enables you to understand the ins and outs of data protection policies and laws as they apply to your region, usually continental. Generally, regional laws regarding data protection and privacy policies vary worldwide. Therefore, if you are looking for a career in data protection within your region, undertaking this course would be highly helpful. Aside from the regional governing laws, the course will also allow you to acquaint yourself with all your region's data protection policy frameworks.

General Data Protection Regulation Data Protection Officer Training Course

This course is the middle ground for the foundational and advanced training courses for data protection. Designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need as a data protection officer, it covers three fundamental elements of data protection: technical, behavioural, and legal.

Technical elements entail aspects like security protocols, cloud computing, blockchain technologies, and the internet of things. On the other hand, the behavioural components may include but are not limited to data breaches and their characteristics, data security risks from employee behaviour, human error, system user authentication, compliance issues, and social media-related risks. Last, the legal aspects include breaches and fines, personal data, privacy policies, data retention and destruction, data processing and protection principles, etc.

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